The decision has been taken; it is time for a new website. How do you choose the right agency which is good at internet marketing Singapore? The trees are often no longer visible through the forest. There are so many internet agencies today!

What Do You Think Is Important?

Before you start looking for internet agencies, it is wise to first be aware of what your wishes are. Then you can make your choices on that. Put the wishes you have in order of priority so you can start to sort out your desk more easily. In this article you can read how you can best approach this.

You can already do the pre selection without having to request offers or make introductory meetings. Certainly nowadays you can get a lot of information in advance.

Experience First Hand

The best part is when you have people around you who have firsthand experience with a certain internet agency. Ask around your network, inside and outside your company can be people with valuable experiences that you can use. Look at which contacts a website has that you like; ask them where and by whom it was made. And of course how their experience is with those desks, how long they have been working together, etc.

Make an Overview With 5-10 Desks

In addition to the experiences of others, you can also find some agencies together. Use Google or browse through any top websites of Singapore to find agencies.

Then choose a piece or 5-10 desks that appeal to you and that seem to meet your wishes that you have asked before. Put them all together or place them in an Excel or Google Spreadsheet.

Assess the Internet Agencies

Now you already have an overview with the agencies that are good at web design Singapore.

Then you can continue to assess them: View their website.  What kind of feeling do you get? Does the design appeal to you? Are there enough cases on their website that you can assess? Is their website fast with loading? Do they meet your most important criteria you have set in terms of CMS, location, link and other services? View the portfolio.  Do those cases appeal to you? Do they always make the same or does each website really connect with the relevant client? What is the situation with the find ability?  The find ability of your website is an important part. View their meta descriptions, from which you can often deduce which search terms they focus on.

See if you can find experiences from others.  Experiences from others can tell you a lot. Check if they have references on their own website, perhaps on Facebook or Google+. Please also contact the companies for whom they have worked to hear how they experienced it.

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