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To operate safely, each air conditioner, as well as the cooling system, must contain a sufficient amount of refrigerant gas. Reducing the amount of refrigerant gas in the system will cause problems in the operation of the device.

Insufficient amount of refrigerant gas can cause compressor failure, reduced efficiency, freezing coils and other problems. For example, 10% less refrigerant gas in the system will cause 20% higher electricity costs and faster internal device wear. At the reliable aircon servicing Singapore you will be having the best deals.

With normal operation of a technically correct air conditioner, about 60 ml of refrigerant gas per year is lost. However, it is possible that due to vibration, physical failure, wear of the valve, etc., it is possible to reach a greater leak of the refrigerant gas from the system. Only a very large refrigeration gas leak can be found by visual inspection, but in practice it is much more common that refrigerant gas is slowly leaking out of small leakage sites.

How to detect refrigerant leakage sites?

Fluorescent dyes are used to precisely locate refrigerant gas leakage in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. There are several types of products on the market, many of which contain a coil, a chemical component in which the pigments are highly soluble and thus the dyes become soluble in the lubricant and can seriously damage parts of the air conditioner and refrigeration systems. It is therefore important to use non-solvent products, but to use lubricant based products such as Brilliant UV Leak Detector. In addition to being lubricant-based and 100% compatible with lubricant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, it finds the smallest refrigerant leakage site most efficiently, while maintaining the associated plant and equipment. When good at aircon servicing Singapore is there the assurance is there too.

Solution to the problem

Once the leakage location of the refrigerant gas is located, it is necessary to effectively solve the problem. If the gas leakage site is large, it is highly likely that physical repair or replacement will be required. In the case of smaller leakages of refrigerant gas, it is possible to use the sealing product. One such product is Extreme, specially designed for safe sealing of small leakages of cooling gas up to 0.3 mm. In addition to solving the problem, Extreme is also used for preventive purposes, protecting the system for 12 months from the emergence of new coolant leakage sites.

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