Now we will consider the issue of choosing a personal computer (PC). It should be noted immediately that the examples below are taken from the price list of the DNS store (federal network) for January-February 2018.

Your Decision Now For You

So, you decided to buy a computer. As a rule, the question immediately arises: what is better than a computer or a laptop? (How many times have I heard it) Here it is worth saying that the laptop is more convenient, it takes up less space, it is mobile, but it is more expensive than a similar personal computer, so a similarly priced notebook will be less powerful. So if the occupied place of computers is not critical for you and mobility, for example, work in motion (offices, business trips, institute, school, etc.), then the best choice will be a personal computer. For the choice of the computer hardware parts, you will need to have the best options now.

Personal computer, there are two options for buying a PC: buy the assembled system unit + monitor + peripherals, or collect it from the components.

  • The assembled system unit, many say that, for example, DEPO, is a computer manufacturer, in fact, computer manufacturers as such do not exist. There are factories that take components from manufacturers and from them collect a computer, such as Depo, iRU, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, AlienWare, Acer, Sony, Lenovo, ASRock, etc. Collectors are many.
  • The above examples of PC assemblers are industrial assemblers, i.e. PC assembly is based on GOSTs or ISO standards (set of international standards). In fact, most of the collectors need support for these standards only to get state.
  • For you, all this may mean that the given computer has been tested for work capacity. There is a second type of collectors – store. Since the recent, relatively, time has become “fashionable” to collect computers themselves, be sure to look for such systems for the availability of certification, for example, at the NIX store ( write ISO 9002 Cerdified (looked current one computer).
  • The lack of certification for you will mean that the computer was assembled in the store and, possibly, by the left heel. So do not hesitate to read the documents and torture sales consultants before buying. In the sale of prefabricated system blocks are found not only in computer stores, they can also be found in household appliances stores. Also you can meet on sale monoblocks.

The manufacturer is a manufacturer, he tries to make the product as cheap as possible, which is why not often in the prefabricated blocks there are components (components) of incomprehensible producers, more often this is observed with power supplies. The exception can only be large foreign companies, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, AlienWare, Acer, Sony, etc. They are more customer-oriented, and their own image worries very much.

Everyone was super excited as they awaited the annual event held by Apple on 12th September. People were eager to see what was new and which products would be launched and as usual, Apple did not bring them down as they showed off three new handsets and even better, a unique redesigned apple watch meant to change the health sector.

The most significant update on the annual event on the iPhone was the new iPhone XS a phone that almost resembles the iPhone X regarding design but with a unique shiny gold color and has been complemented with improved processor and facial recognition technology. How exciting is this?

In 2017, Apple unveiled the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. This year, they had new surprises where they announced three different models all designed to meet users’ needs including the budget. These include;

iPhone XS

This phone looks almost similar to the 2017’s iPhone X, but it comes with more upgrades. For starters, the new phone comes in 5.8” screen and features Super Retina Displays with a pixel density of 458ppi. That is not the only improvement; this iPhone has a better water resistance of up to IP68 meaning that your device will be protected in up to 2m of water for at most 30 minutes. This feature protects you from loss if you accidentally drop your phone water, for example in a swimming pool.

Key features

  • 8’’ screen
  • 64 GB, 512 AND 256 GB storage
  • Silver finishes
  • 7MP front-facing TueDepth camera
  • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto camera
  • Price range: $999 to $ 1349

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone is similar to the iPhone XS, and the only major difference is the screen size. This one comes with a 6.5” screen, and the other difference is their prices which is slightly higher than that of iPhone XS. All the other features are the same including water resistance, Super Retina displays, and pixel density. They also feature the most durable glass of all time which comes in as a solution to the issue of shattering the rear and front of the iPhone with just a single drop.

Key features

  • 5-inch screen
  • OLED display
  • Silver finishes
  • Price range from $ 1099 to 1,449

iPhone XR

This model is the cheapest of them all. The 6.1-inches model will have an edge to edge display with a notch, but the biggest difference from the other two is that it uses an LCD screen unlike the two that use OLED.

Key specs

  • 1’’ screen
  • Red, white, black, yellow, coral and blue finishes
  • 7MP front-facing true-depth camera
  • A12 Bionic chip
  • Price range: $749 to $899

Apple watch series 4

Just like in 2017, Apple released a new apple watch alongside the iPhones. This watch retains most of the features of the watch from series 3but it is more advanced with a display larger than the previous one with as much as 15%. This makes it an edge to edge display like the iPhone X. it also received new features including an ECG monitor designed to track the health of the user’s heart.

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The View port has received an excellent reception from shipyards, designers and engineers as it guarantees operational reliability and safety, without any downtime normally associated with welding. Seals and protects according to Class A standards, penetrations of steel, stainless steel and copper pipes installed on ships and marine platforms against fire, gas and water.

The Use of the View Port

The View port is beneficial for the shipyards.Now, and thanks to the new certificate of homologation of aluminum structures, not only will be used in decks and steel bulkheads in large vessels and platforms, high-speed ferries, but also catamarans, fast patrol boats and other lightweight aluminum vehicles . With the ability to protect metal tubes up to 222 mm in areas classified as fire resistant A-60 and provide additional protection against water (1 bar) and gas (0.67 bar), the typical application areas where these will be used.

The Benefits

Benefits include cold and potable water lines, fire extinguishing systems and lubrication lines and hydraulic fluid. With the High-quality View ports you can actually expect the best deals available. The options are essential and that is the reason that you will have to be specific on your addressing. Of course this is a very important matter and that is the reason that you will have the proper options waiting now.

Corrosion is the interaction of a metal with an environment that surrounds it, producing the consequent deterioration in its physical and chemical properties. Likewise, it can be said that it is a natural process by which metal is altered and deteriorated through chemical or electrochemical reactions.

Types of corrosion

In the first place, it is necessary to differentiate between corrosion against the environment and contact corrosion.

Regarding corrosion against the environment, to produce it only requires that the aluminum is in contact with oxygen. The speed at which aluminum corrodes , at first, is faster than in the case of steel, due to the greater affinity of oxygen with aluminum, but once the oxide layer on the surface is formed, it acts as a shield, since it is very hard and compact, thus avoiding the progression of oxidation in aluminum. The same would not happen in the steel, since this one would continue advancing until causing the deterioration of the piece.

For this reason, although the oxidation potential of aluminum against the environment is much greater than that of iron, and that is effectively oxidized much earlier, oxidation does not progress inwards as fast as it happens in iron. Such is the protection capacity of these aluminum oxides, that have developed systems of protection -anodized- based on a controlled oxidation of aluminum pieces in order to obtain greater thicknesses of oxide and more compact, to increase its resistance to the weather .

To operate safely, each air conditioner, as well as the cooling system, must contain a sufficient amount of refrigerant gas. Reducing the amount of refrigerant gas in the system will cause problems in the operation of the device.

Insufficient amount of refrigerant gas can cause compressor failure, reduced efficiency, freezing coils and other problems. For example, 10% less refrigerant gas in the system will cause 20% higher electricity costs and faster internal device wear. At the reliable aircon servicing Singapore you will be having the best deals.

With normal operation of a technically correct air conditioner, about 60 ml of refrigerant gas per year is lost. However, it is possible that due to vibration, physical failure, wear of the valve, etc., it is possible to reach a greater leak of the refrigerant gas from the system. Only a very large refrigeration gas leak can be found by visual inspection, but in practice it is much more common that refrigerant gas is slowly leaking out of small leakage sites.

How to detect refrigerant leakage sites?

Fluorescent dyes are used to precisely locate refrigerant gas leakage in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. There are several types of products on the market, many of which contain a coil, a chemical component in which the pigments are highly soluble and thus the dyes become soluble in the lubricant and can seriously damage parts of the air conditioner and refrigeration systems. It is therefore important to use non-solvent products, but to use lubricant based products such as Brilliant UV Leak Detector. In addition to being lubricant-based and 100% compatible with lubricant in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, it finds the smallest refrigerant leakage site most efficiently, while maintaining the associated plant and equipment. When good at aircon servicing Singapore is there the assurance is there too.

Solution to the problem

Once the leakage location of the refrigerant gas is located, it is necessary to effectively solve the problem. If the gas leakage site is large, it is highly likely that physical repair or replacement will be required. In the case of smaller leakages of refrigerant gas, it is possible to use the sealing product. One such product is Extreme, specially designed for safe sealing of small leakages of cooling gas up to 0.3 mm. In addition to solving the problem, Extreme is also used for preventive purposes, protecting the system for 12 months from the emergence of new coolant leakage sites.

Most companies experience challenges when providing services to their clients. The queue management solution has been developed to help in the planning of the customers’ flow in a company. This system also helps to calculate the variables needed in real time. When implementing a queuing management system, you need to choose the right one to avoid physical and intangible losses. As follows are the considerations that will help you to pick the best method.

Type of service provided

Consider the variety of services that your company offers as it determines the queue system you should choose. For the businesses that give a single function, one or few lines can be the best. On the other hand, companies providing several services, they should pick the numbering system or the discrete queuing services.

Real-time monitoring

The perfect system should allow one to observe all the activities being carried out in the company. The right queue management system will ease decision making for the managers and all the facilities that are an ongoing development. The system should also provide you with information on the particular data dashboard in real time. This will enable delivering efficient services.

Mobile ticketing

The queue management system should have a mobile ticketing. This enables the clients to obtain a virtual ticket for availing in your services before they physically arrive at your company. Also, it allows the clients to be directly served without requiring waiting in the line. When a company has a queuing management system that has mobile ticketing, it will provide a positive effect on the customers’ experience and the company too.

Amazing experience

The clients like to interact with the staff members and getting an excellent experience. This, therefore, turns the potential clients to be loyal to your business. The system should be able to connect the customers with the organization and change the perspective of the customers of the company. Besides, the system will eliminate the tedious queues as well as the anxious waiting of the customers to be served.

Adaptable and customizable

When picking a queuing management system, you should consider the scheme which offers customer care option. This should be based on the type of services that your business offers and the service area. It’s crucial to choose a queuing management system based on the demand of the customers, their priorities, and preferences. Ensure that the solution you have selected reflects the architecture of your business and designs.


When a company wants to expand or open a new branch, it is difficult to keep all things in order. That where the ideal queue management system becomes a requirement. This is because the system enables the company to monitor the activities in every branch. It is also possible to adapt and support the growth and issues that can crop up in future with this system in your business using the system. With this system, there is a smooth customer flow as they get pleased by the customer services. The clients this becomes brand loyalist which means more sales.

We all know that properly organized wiring in the apartment, the house is primarily safety, and in the second practicality. No matter how you are aware of this area, but at some stage of wiring in the apartment there will be difficulties, so it is advisable to use the services of a private electrician. The reliable electrician in Singapore is able to offer the best option now.

Methods of laying wires

The installation of an electrical cable in a room can be done in several ways:

  • This method involves mounting the cable in the strobes, the walls of the apartment.
  • Where the hidden method is impossible, the wires are laid in specially mounted skirting.
  • It consists in combining the first two methods into one. As a rule, it is used in office buildings, where it may be necessary to convert the electrical wiring.

In addition to the usual wiring for the room, the professionals also do the following:

  1. Installation and repair of electrical wiring.
  2. Installation of meters.
  3. Connecting electrical appliances.
  4. Installation of UPS, stabilizers.
  5. Installation of chandeliers and lamps.
  6. Various low-current work.

With prices you can find on the page “Price”.

Why is it better to contact the professionals?

  • Availability of modern equipment, tools.
  • High qualification.
  • Extensive work experience.
  • The quality of the services provided.
  • Democratic prices.

How to start wiring?

Every experienced electrician knows that initially it is necessary to draw up a wiring layout that follows the following rules:

  1. In terms of the plan, the starting point of the wiring spread begins with the flap, then a diagram is shown how it will pass through the apartment.
  2. The second step is to count the number of outlets. For every 6 sq. Km. m is installed 1 outlet, in the kitchen, bathroom 2. In cases where you know the number of electrical appliances that will be placed in the house, apartment, then you can increase this amount.
  3. From the shield go two separate lines, one to the outlets, the second to the lighting devices.
  4. Having made calculations of all points of consumption of electricity, the drawing of the plan on paper is carried out. When the layout of the wiring in the private house is ready to mark the walls of the plan, respectively. A famous electrician in Singapore is able to have the smart option now.

Important! In order to be easy to navigate in the future in the location in the wall of the wires in order to avoid their damage, it is necessary to carry out the laying either horizontally or strictly vertically.

The decision has been taken; it is time for a new website. How do you choose the right agency which is good at internet marketing Singapore? The trees are often no longer visible through the forest. There are so many internet agencies today!

What Do You Think Is Important?

Before you start looking for internet agencies, it is wise to first be aware of what your wishes are. Then you can make your choices on that. Put the wishes you have in order of priority so you can start to sort out your desk more easily. In this article you can read how you can best approach this.

You can already do the pre selection without having to request offers or make introductory meetings. Certainly nowadays you can get a lot of information in advance.

Experience First Hand

The best part is when you have people around you who have firsthand experience with a certain internet agency. Ask around your network, inside and outside your company can be people with valuable experiences that you can use. Look at which contacts a website has that you like; ask them where and by whom it was made. And of course how their experience is with those desks, how long they have been working together, etc.

Make an Overview With 5-10 Desks

In addition to the experiences of others, you can also find some agencies together. Use Google or browse through any top websites of Singapore to find agencies.

Then choose a piece or 5-10 desks that appeal to you and that seem to meet your wishes that you have asked before. Put them all together or place them in an Excel or Google Spreadsheet.

Assess the Internet Agencies

Now you already have an overview with the agencies that are good at web design Singapore.

Then you can continue to assess them: View their website.  What kind of feeling do you get? Does the design appeal to you? Are there enough cases on their website that you can assess? Is their website fast with loading? Do they meet your most important criteria you have set in terms of CMS, location, link and other services? View the portfolio.  Do those cases appeal to you? Do they always make the same or does each website really connect with the relevant client? What is the situation with the find ability?  The find ability of your website is an important part. View their meta descriptions, from which you can often deduce which search terms they focus on.

See if you can find experiences from others.  Experiences from others can tell you a lot. Check if they have references on their own website, perhaps on Facebook or Google+. Please also contact the companies for whom they have worked to hear how they experienced it.

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